Friday, June 5, 2009

Good-bye Nico and Lia!

After living and working here for almost ten years, Nico and Lia have moved back to Canada. The last few weeks have been very busy for them! They've had many visits from people very sad to see them leave. They were so busy that I don't even have a chance to take a good picture of Nico and Lia together! However, the kids are also very important, and we did get some pictures of them :). The church organized a good-bye service for Nico and Lia. Of course they served tamales!
Early Saturday morning, the ladies meet at Froilan and Rosa's house (a wonderful couple! Froilan is an obrero for the church), and got to work. They made 400 tamales!!
I don't know the whole process, but I know it takes a LOT of time. I asked one of the ladies if she enjoyed making them and she said that she doesn't usually, but she made these joyfully, from her heart, for Nico and Lia.

After they wrapped the cornflour and chicken mixture in the banana leaves, they are ready to cook them!

They carefully stack this large pot full, add a bit of water, and let it cook for hours.
Nate loves to help out in this part of the process!

Froilan and Rosa invited the missionary families to join them all for lunch. It was really delicious, and very kind of them when they were all so busy! Rosa and her daughter working in their kitchen. Both are very godly ladies and we are so thankful for their faithful service in the church.

Lia's mom has spent a lot of time with Lia and Nico in Cubulco. In fact, we think, that with all her visits over the years (some visits were rather lengthy), she may have spent more time here then I have! As a result, she is well know and loved by many people in town as well!

Maria came from her new job in the city to say good-bye.
My only contribution to all the work the ladies were doing was to help with the dishes. They have a very different method of doing dishes though and I suspect that Maria was laughing at me the whole time....

That evening, the church was full! Many people came from the aldeas, as well as from town.
Nico and Lia have worked faithfully here for almost ten years, and it is difficult and sad for people to see them leave.

Monday evening, they left for the city and today they flew home!

We also, were sad to see them go, but thankful for the year that we could work here together. May God bless them as they continue to serve Him!


Maria said...

Nice to see your pictures again, Shar. We thank God for the work Nico and Lia have done for Him in Cubulco. What a change for them and their family!

mom said...

We are sorry that we never had a chance to meet Nico and Lia but we did see much evidence of their work over the years and pray that God would continue to use them in Canada.
Nice to see the church so full.
Love to all, Mom & Dad

Sharon said...

Interesting post, Sharon -- looks like a delicious meal! May the Lord grant strength for your last weeks there, especially as it must be busier & quite different with Nico and Lia gone...
Looking forward to seeing you guys soon, hopefully!

Rachel Joy said...

Sounds like they received quite the send-off. Big changes for the church there!

eugenioreyes said...

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