Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day...and the week before!

Happy Father's Day!!
We are very thankful for the Dad in our home. The kids worked hard to make booklets for Wilf.

(We do have five children! Lauren was in her highchair eating her breakfast already :))

After church, we had Odilia and her two daughters over for dinner as well as two little girls that came to visit Kristen. Everyone enjoys looking at the slide shows Wilf has put together.

Every Saturday morning, the kids and I walk to the market. The kids like to come along because I always buy them a 1 Q popsicle (less then $0.20), and they also like to ride home in a tuktuk. A tuktuk is a small, red, three wheeled vehicle that taxis people around town. It is great fun to ride in! Our tuktuk driver this past Saturday was very friendly so I dared to ask him if we could take a picture!

We were very thankful this week that we could buy a watermelon! It is very surprising, but it is often difficult to get fruit here. Cubulco does not have a lot of locally grown fruit and because the town is small and at the end of the road, not many people come to sell here. Last Saturday we didn't get any fruit, so we were pretty excited about our watermelon this week!
Lauren loves fruit! Usually I cut it into pieces for her, but this time I thought I would see how she did with a whole piece. She got very messy, but she had a marvelous time with it!

The boys found this creative way to avoid spilling on themselves :).

The kids and I had a quiet week. As I mentioned in my last post, the schools are all cancelled. We were thankful that we were permitted to have services today at least.
After all the excitement of having friends at school every day and then at home too, it is good for our own kids to learn to play together again. I'm also thankful for the opportunity to finish off our homeschooling!
Kristen had a wonderful time playing that Lauren was her "baby". She dressed her up, did her hair, got all her accessories and played with her outside. It was fun until Lauren refused to co-operate. A doll is a little more obedient!

Our week seemed extra quiet because Wilf and Nate were gone from early Tuesday morning until Thursday noon. They went and visited three of the five aldean churches. Nate was excited to go along becuase he has now been to all five churches!
Just outside of the one village is this beautiful swimming hole. It gets pretty hot hiking in the mountains, so the water feels great!

One of the obreros, Juan, with his wife and kids. Their church building is right behind them.

Tomorrow we head into our last week here! It seems amazing that we are almost finished, and yet home and family seem very far away. Wilf is headed out to visit the other two aldean churches this week, accompanied by Nate and Kris. It is difficult for Wilf to say good-bye to the people he has come to know and appreciate, and it is sad for them to see him go!
We pray that they will continue faithfully in the work of the Lord.


holly said...

Great pictures! Jordan liked the one of Ryan. I found the email from Ryan and just read it to him. Thanks, Ryan! Can't wait to see you all next week!

Rich and Cher said...

Looks like Wilf's a good daddy :) I know that already, but it's neat to see the pics - I always love to see pictures of daddies with their kids. Your little Lauren is so much like Yvetta - you can tell that they're at the same stage - soooo cute :)

Steve & Jo said...

Those are really cute pictures Sharon. I can't believe how big Lauren is already! We can't wait to have you over. The kids are so excited, and so are we of course:)

Christine said...

Hi Wilf and Sharon,

I just wanted to let you know that our church announced and pray for you and your family as you say "good-bye" and travel back to Canada this week!
Safe travels (I know how that goes with many small children!).....and I'm sure we'll see you around some time here in Niagara!
God bless.
Eric and Christine Valk

Lori and Robby said...

My husband and I are considering becoming missionaries in a village in Baja Verapaz. We'd love to talk with you more in email about how you found doctors for your kids, etc. My email address is:

You all have a beautiful family!